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Free Diagnostics and Help:

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you. Contact Us with any questions you may have. We routinely help our customers with diagnosis, part number qestions, etc.

Same Day Quick-ship: (if order is place before 4:00 PM CST)

Our Quick-Ship service enables our customers to order remanufactured ECM's/TCM's from stock for same day shipments. All orders received by 4:00 PM CST are shipped the same day. Our Quick-Ship service is supported by our large inventory of ECM's/TCM's that are already remanufactured and ready to ship.

Same Day Turnaround on R/R Service:

We offer customers our Rebuild and Return Service (R & R). The service offers our customers the opportunity to get their original ECM/TCM remanufactured. This Service is also an option in those rare cases where Electroneering is out of Stock of the ECM/TCM that the customer requires.

Check the Order/Shipping page for shipping options and order information.

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