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SureStart Battery Protectors

STOP Dead Batteries

SureStart Battery Protector is the intellegent solution!

SureStart protects the battery in your vehicle from accidental discharge

SureStart automatically shuts off power drain sources leaving starting power in the battery

SureStart is programmable to accommodate both heavy and light electrical loads as well as special requirements

SureStart is the intelligent solutions because it is far too easy for one of the vehicles electrical accessories to inadvertently run your battery down to the point where your vehicle won’t start.

SureStart will prevent accidental battery failure. Your battery is subject to complete failure without normal charging.

Especially in limited use situations as well as intentionally run accessories, such as stereo, TV, games, etc.


Custom Vans Mini Vans

Automobile Pickup Trucks


SureStart is the intelligent solution for every auto battery application. It is especially intelligent for “critical” situations:

While listening to your radio with your key in the accessory position

Or when your kids leave a reading lamp on in your minivan

Or when you leave your car with the parking lights on for that “quick” run into the store only to come back to a dead battery

Or at the tailgate party where you have your TV and/or radio playing

When it’s time to leave, you are stranded with a dead battery!