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Electroneering, Inc. was formed in April of 1994, in Houston, Texas to take advantage of opportunities in the automotive electronic accessory market. Electroneering's product strategy is to develop, manufacture and market high-tech automotive electronic accessories, with emphasis on intelligent products for battery maintenance. Our manufacturing processes were set up to take advantage of the latest Surface Mount (SMT) assembly technology. This enabled all our products to be manufactured on many different types of high speed assembly equipment.

Our initial products, Battery Monitors and Battery Discharge Limiters, targeted the Recreational vehicle and Van Conversion markets.

In 1996 it became apparent that there was a huge demand for remanufactured Engine and Transmission Controllers (ECMs/TCMs), particularly for Mitsubishi built vehicles. Electroneering, Inc. realized that its manufacturing processes, as well as its parts bins, of its own products was highly compatible with the processes and parts that Mitsubishi utilized in their ECMs and TCMs. An extensive research and testing project resulted in what became our current Quick-Ship and R&R (Remanufacture & Return) ECM and TCM Service. Our ECM and TCM service has grown over the years, and now also includes Honda ECMs and TCMs.

In 1997 Electroneering, Inc. entered into its first partnership with another Corporation to design and manufacture private label electronic control modules for the Industrial Auotmotive Markets. Our private label product portfolio has expanded over the years to include more than a dozen different products.

In 2000 Electroneering, Inc. started to bring Microprocessors into all it's products. Microprocessor manufacturers had finally brought the price/performance level of their products to a level where it was cost effective to include these device even in relatively inexpensive electronic control modules. Microprocessors provide tremendous benefits in our Automotive/Industrial Controll Modules. A large number of our products have user programmable parameters that can easily be changed on-the-fly, with a Lap-Top or Desk Top computer. Most of our programmable products can even be reprogrammed while installed in the end user vehicle.

In 2002 Electroneering, Inc. launched its newly developed solid state switching technology in its latest battery discharge limiting product, The SureStart™ Battery Protector/Discharge Limiter. This was the result of extensive reseach in Semiconductor and Mircoprocessor technolgy. The SureStart™ employs a high powered solid state switch that powers the entire electrical system of a motor vehicle and, without utilizing any moving or mechanical parts. The incorporated microprocessor technology brings the benefits of very low intrinsic power consumption and extreme veratility. The SureStart™ Battery Protector is in-vehicle user programmable with a laptop or PC.