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Remanufactured Engine and Transmission Control Modules to factory (OEM) specifications.

Same Day Turnaround on R/R Service - ECMs/TCMs sent in to be remanufactured

Same Day Quick-ship if order is palced before 4:00pm CST

Large Inventory of Mitsubishi/Honda/Hyundai ECMs & TCMs

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All ECMs/TCMs are remanufactured to original factory (OEM) specifications, and meet all original performance and emissions standards. Our customers receive the same performance as with a new factory (OEM) unit, but at a fraction of the cost.

Our rigorous remanufacturing process starts with an incomming inspection and test, where we verrify that your ECM or TCM is deffective. This eliminates problems with miss-diagnosis etc. Inspection and test follow our remanufacturing process. All defective components are removed from the circuit assembly. The entire assembly is then cleaned and repaired. All componenets that deteriorate with time are also replaced, defective or not. We only use high quality parts with enhanced performance. The ECMS/TCMs are then inspected and lab tested to assure that the entire remanufacturing process is complete. The final step is the actual vehicle test, where each ECM/TCM is tested in a vehicle, to assure that all original factory performance and emissions standards are met. The finished product is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Quick-Ship service enables our customers to order ECMs/TCMs from stock, for same day shippments. All orders received by 4:00 pm CST are shipped the same day. Our Quick-ship service is supported by our large inventory of ECMs/TCMs that are already remanufcatured and ready to ship. Click the Order/Shipping Button for shipping options and order information.

We also offer our customers our Rebuild and Return service (R & R). This service offers our customers the opportunity to get their original ECM/TCM remanufactured. This service is also an option in those rare cases where Electroneering is out of stock of the ECM/TCM that the customer requires. The same rigorous remanufacturing standards are followed for both our Quick-Ship, and R & R Service.

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you. Contact Us with any questions you may have. We routinely help our customers with diagnosis, part number questions etc. Our Toll-free telepohone number is listed at the bottom of this page.

Our pricing is standardized, and depends on the specific ECM/TCM. Please Contact Us for a Quote. Check our Specials Page regularly for any promotions.

*Common in-stock ECMs/TCMs include Mitsubishi, Hyundai,Mazda, Dodge Colt, Suzuiki Samurai, Geo Tracker, Eagle Summit & Talon,Plymouth Laser, Honda, and Accura.